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Americans are moving, and they’re choosing the sunny “Sunbelt” states as their new home.

For years, the story of “snowbirds” have rang out across the country, and into the homes of the average American family. Since 2019, however, more and more Americans are choosing to move their families- and lives- to the southern states, permanently.

Gone are the days of snowbirds, splitting their time between the cooler, Northern states, and the warmer southern states. A report from KUTV shows that the top five states for inbound moves in 2020 were Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, with Tennessee outranking South Carolina versus the 2019 results.

The top states that Americans are moving out of? Illinois, New York and New Jersey. The cause for the high outbound moves could be due to several factors, including the desire to escape the “hustle and bustle” of city life for a quieter, slower way of living. More likely than not, though, the reason is this: the cost of living is simply more affordable in the southern sunbelt states.

Interestingly, the demographic of these southern movers and shakers is younger than ever before. No more are these southern suburbs the home of elderly retirees, now, a younger, hipper group has moved into these areas, and are revitalizing the economy in the wake of a pandemic and recession.

With the growth that the Sunbelt States have seen and experienced over the last few years, now is the time to put your investments into a market that is constantly growing, and ever-changing. Want to learn more? Schedule a call to chat with us about exciting opportunities!

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