This Week’s Real Estate Headlines

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News, news, news. We’re surrounded by it! But what really matters and what is just … noise? Good question! It’s one that most of us ask ourselves often. Worry no more, we’ve gathered some of the biggest headlines in Real Estate news this week, and we’re delivering them straight to your inbox. “Research is creating new knowledge.”-Neil Armstrong 1. Eviction […]

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Is the U.S. Housing Shortage Poised to Get Worse?

Posted at July 28, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

What’s happening in the housing market? Single Family Home Prices are skyrocketing. The National Average for the Median Price has surged to an astronomical 24.4% Year-Over-Year Change. Two main factors for this increase are the effects of covid and the particularly low-interest rates of last year. A change in demographics and the nationwide shortage in […]

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Where the Smart Money is Going…

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Ask yourself this one question, where is the smart money going? Blackstone Bets $6 Billion on Buying and Renting Homes Invesco and Mynd partner to buy $5 Billion in SFRs Tricon to acquire 50,000 single family homes over the next three years What are the biggest investors, at the biggest companies, doing with their money? […]

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What does Dennis Rodman have to do with managing your finances?

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of years, you might have noticed there is a lot going on in the world right now. To say that we’re not on the brink of some serious happenings would be naïve. Across the globe, government responses to the virus have had dramatic and […]

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Americans are moving…

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Americans are moving, and they’re choosing the sunny “Sunbelt” states as their new home. For years, the story of “snowbirds” have rang out across the country, and into the homes of the average American family. Since 2019, however, more and more Americans are choosing to move their families- and lives- to the southern states, permanently. […]

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Investing in Real Estate? Syndication is the way to go. Here’s why…

Posted at June 10, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

Investing in Real Estate? Syndication is the way to go. Here’s why… The average person can get a little bit uneasy when talking about investing in real estate, especially if they’ve never done it on their own. It turns out though, investing in real estate can be fairly simple, especially when you have the right […]

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Why the exodus from the Golden State?

Posted at May 12, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

For the first time in over one hundred years California has experienced a population decline. Many who’ve recently left cite reasons such as the state’s high-taxes, cost of living, housing affordability, failing school systems, crime rates and what could be considered a “non-favorable” business environment. People and families across the spectrum seem to be leaving […]

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Why Single-Family Home Growth Dominates Real Estate Investment World

Posted at May 7, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

With stock and bond market valuations at an all-time high, more and more people are turning to real estate in hopes of diversifying and securing profits. The post-pandemic world is beginning to come into focus. While several countries are still gaining momentum in their recovery, there is enough data for investors to plan their next […]

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How to Profit from Massive Inflation Ahead

Posted at April 16, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

Going over topics that are complex is difficult by nature. It’s especially challenging to describe those topics concisely and in a manner that does justice for the people who need a bit more help understanding a particular topic.  Inflation and the way our debt-based monetary system works is one of those topics.  Though we all […]

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How to Buy a Single-Family Rental Home with Friends in 8 Easy Steps

Posted at April 9, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

Is it wise to invest with friends and family?  I would argue that the benefits far outweigh the negatives so long as there are clear rules in place beforehand.  As with most ventures, knowing the destination before getting on the road is essential. While I’m all for spontaneity, when it comes to this type of investing, […]

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