Debt and Investing

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“Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world.” – Archimedes While there are several reasons investment real estate deserves a place in nearly anyone’s portfolio, I’d like to focus on one that can be misunderstood. It’s safe to say most of us are conditioned to avoid debt. When we think of […]

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An infinite return – My story

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What is an “Infinite Return”, and can you get one? One benefit of Investment Real Estate that stands out most for people is the idea of the “infinite return.” The concept itself is relatively straightforward. It happens when you retrieve your initial investment but still own the underlying asset and income stream. I bought my first investment […]

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The Case for Investing Out of State

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Is the Real Estate Market overpriced, undervalued or just right? It turns out the answer is a resounding ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! It comes down to the type of property and is of course dependent on location. For example, the median home price in New Orleans, LA is $199,000. Contrast that to San Jose, CA where a […]

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What Makes a Good Real Estate Market?

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“Live where you want to live and invest where the numbers make sense.”-Robert Helms, “The Real Estate Guys” The quote above was coined by my real estate mentor Robert Helms. As I’ve had the distinct privilege of being coached by Robert and Russ of The Real Estate Guys, I thought I’d share some points as to […]

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Why Single-Family Home Investing is THE Way to Go!

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One of the first questions folks ask me after they find out I’ve become a full-time real estate investor is “What type of real estate is the best?” While the answer will always be “It depends on what you want it to do for you,” below is a case as to why SFRs (Single Family […]

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A SyndiWhat???

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Many of you have asked what I mean when I say I help people safeguard and grow their wealth in real assets through Real Estate Syndications. First, let’s begin with the legal definition of a syndication. Black’s Law Dictionary defines it as “A group organized for a common purpose; esp., an association formed to promote […]

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Financial Predictions 2020 – Coronavirus Pandemic How Hard Will the Virus hit the Economy? Best and Worst Case Scenarios of What May Happen

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So, here we all are in the midst of a pandemic.  By all accounts these are unprecedented times.   I don’t mean to panic anyone, nor do I mean to be insensitive to what is happening.  This is a very real threat to certain people and we must all take precautions to ensure the safety of […]

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Investing in Real Estate vs. the Stock Market

Posted at June 28, 2019 Posted In Uncategorized

Of the two types of investing, investing in stocks and shares seems more accessible to many than the world of property investment. So, why would you consider investing in real estate? Both types of investment have their pros and cons but the beauty of investing in property lies in the low risk, stability, and predictability […]

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Why multifamily investing makes sense…

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Multifamily Market Overview The demand for rental accommodation continues to significantly outpace supply. The current status quo is that rental housing supply is falling short by hundreds of thousands of units each year across the United States. This situation, according to The National Multifamily Housing Council and The National Apartment Association, looks set to continue […]

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Multi-Family Property Classifications and Your Investment Strategy

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What is meant by the multi-family property classifications A, B, C, and D? In investment terms which of these property types are classified as core assets and which can be considered core plus assets? If you are looking to pursue a conservative investment strategy or if you prefer a more aggressive one that has the […]

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