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Going over topics that are complex is difficult by nature. It’s especially challenging to describe those topics concisely and in a manner that does justice for the people who need a bit more help understanding a particular topic. 

Inflation and the way our debt-based monetary system works is one of those topics. 

Though we all use money every day, and it plays a critical role in all of our lives, the subject is hardly covered in our school system and seemingly remains shrouded in mystery.

A friend of mine forwarded me a link to a podcast that does a terrific job explaining inflation in a manner nearly everyone can understand, and in an effort to shed more light on this critically important subject, I thought I’d share it with you.

Full disclosure, I wasn’t familiar with the podcast or guest before this interview, so while I’m not endorsing either, the content is spot-on and absolutely worth the listen.

The podcast covers:

-Why massive inflation is likely
-The 6 ways government can get out of debt
-How inflation transfers wealth from lenders to borrowers
-Why and how the official rate of inflation is manipulated
-How to align yourself with the most powerful forces created by mankind and build wealth during inflation

I hope you enjoy it!

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