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Before starting BlackTree Investment Group, I was a Financial Advisor, working for some large name companies that you’ve probably heard of. And while the business of being a Financial Advisor can be helpful for providing some financial insight to clients it is also very limiting.

Want to know the main thing that REALLY bothered me?

The limitations of investing in traditional options were costing my clients millions.

This is something that I’ve spoken about many times, and I recently spoke about it on the Not Your Average Investor Show.

I’d love it if you would take a listen to the episode, below, and I hope you find it beneficial to your financial future!

  • Click here to check out the episode on Spotify
  • Not on Spotify? No problem! Here’s the link to listen via Apple Podcasts

Once you’ve had the chance to listen to the episode, I’m sure you will have questions, and I’d LOVE to answer them for you! Let’s schedule some time to chat about exciting opportunities I have coming soon that could be perfect for you.

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