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Last week, we told you about some of the benefits of Real Estate Investing Funds. If you missed that email, you can catch yourself up here.

We hope you’re thinking, “these alternative investments sound like a great deal, I want to know more!”

Sure, the benefits that we shared last time are definitely worth noting, but the benefits of a real estate investing fund don’t end there.

Here’s a few more noteworthy benefits of these exciting funds:

  • Correlations to Other Assets: Unlike the stock market, which would immediately lose tremendous value, real estate portfolios tend to continue marching on. Rents continue to be paid and profits returned to investors. While the real estate portfolio may eventually take a hit, there is not the same correlation to other asset classes which can experience more drastic, momentary ebbs and flows.
  • Absolute Returns: The absolute returns of a fund refer to the amount of profit the fund has earned. The absolute returns include any additional returns above and beyond the preferred return. Funds that perform exceptionally well will provide absolute returns significantly higher than the anticipated preferred return.
  • Impact: Ever wonder what your money is doing? By investing in a real estate fund your dollars can directly impact and uplift a community with brand new construction or rehabbing buildings to give them a facelift.

We hope you’re interested in these amazing opportunities, we know we are! Have questions or want to discuss some opportunities waiting for you? Schedule a call with us today, and get your foot in the door.

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