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It may seem like forever ago, but we recently filled out the 2020 census, and the results have slowly been rolling in from the U.S. Census Bureau. One of the most interesting pieces of information we’ve seen from the census was highlighted in this article.

It turns out, the 10 Fastest-Growing Large Cities in the US are … wait for it… Suburbs?

You may not have been expecting to see THAT headline, but it’s actually something that we’ve talked about before, to some extent, in blog posts like this one.

What is even more interesting than the top 10 fastest growing cities being suburbs, versus major cities, is the fact that their growth is (on average) is at a rate of MORE THAN 44%.

Some other trends worth noting? The fact that they are all in the south or the west. Likely due to the (somewhat) lower cost of living in southern states, and the availability of land for construction and development.

It’s important (and interesting) to take this information and use it to make educated predictions about what growth and expansion we will see in the coming years.

Our most recent syndication project was in Jacksonville, Florida, a large city surrounded by fast-growing and desirable suburbs, ripe with development opportunities. Though Florida is not home to one of the 10 fastest-growing cities, it is certainly trending that way, and an area we’ll certainly continue to keep an eye on.

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