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News, news, news. We’re surrounded by it! But what really matters and what is just … noise?

Good question! It’s one that most of us ask ourselves often. Worry no more, we’ve gathered some of the biggest headlines in Real Estate news this week, and we’re delivering them straight to your inbox.

“Research is creating new knowledge.”
-Neil Armstrong

1. Eviction Doomsday Isn’t Coming. Here’s Why…

2. Lumber Price Drops Fueling MultiFamily Building Boom

3. NAA Sues The Federal Government For Damages From Eviction Moratorium

4. Investors are Aggressively Bidding Up Apartment Prices as Housing Shortages Loom

We hope you’ll find these headlines (and the stories) as intriguing as we did. Did you stumble across a headline that really caught your eye? Send it our way, we’d love to check it out as well!

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