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Ask yourself this one question, where is the smart money going?

What are the biggest investors, at the biggest companies, doing with their money?

The answer? They’re investing in single family homes. And they’re buying them just as rents are surging.

Investing in single family homes offers a wealth (pun intended) of opportunities. You may still be asking yourself why invest in real estate? Here’s what top investors have to say:

  • Provides a constant, predictable cash flow and yield – when you invest in real estate, you have a good idea of what you’re getting. You know the anticipated yield, when payments are supposed to come, and are insulated from the volatility of the stock market.
  • Tangible Asset – You’re buying something real, something you can see, touch, and physically improve. You also provide a benefit to the person using the property as well as improving the community when you’re a conscientious owner.
  • Inflation, Inflation, Inflation – income producing real estate is arguably THE BEST investment anyone can make to take advantage of and protect oneself from inflation, period.

In a recent blog post on our website, we went over how real estate thrives in a time of inflation, and now, a few months later, here we are again discussing it in a far less hypothetical manner.

Real estate investing has never been the route the largest investment companies in the world have chosen. Typically they work with businesses (think stocks, bonds and derivatives). However, as markets change and interest rates remain low, these investment companies seek yield and opportunities for growth

Now, ask yourself this: if these investment companies are buying single family homes for the first time… is it worth looking into?

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